Homemade Baby Wipes

My husband and I are big into cutting costs, no matter how small it may be… every little bit counts! This is just one (among many) reasons we choose to cloth diaper our babies’ bums. Maybe cloth diapering is a bit extreme for you, but here’s a quick and simple “how-to” on making your own baby wipes! It’s just one less thing to put on your shopping list because you make them with products you already have! Let’s hear it for one less thing to buy!

My mom passed this recipe down to me… it’s what she used on my siblings and I all through our diaper years, and I love that I am doing the same with my little ones. She even saved the container she used to hold the wipes. This oh-so-perfectly-shaped Tupperware container. She gave it to me to use with my first child and when my sister got pregnant the three of us searched the internet and stores high and low to find another perfectly-shaped container because Tupperware had long since discontinued this handy little box. Finally, with not much time left before my niece’s due date, we found a compost bucket made by OXO. It’s perfect— the size, the shape, the hinged lid (for easy one-handed use).

What You Need:

∴ 1 Paper Towel Roll

∴ 2 Tbsp. Baby Soap — I recommend something natural, since you’ll be wiping this directly on your babe’s delicate & absorbent skin repeatedly in a day’s time.

∴ 2 Cups Water (distilled or boiled & cooled is best)

∴ Container with Lid

What You Do:

⇒ Use the biggest knife you have to cut the paper towel roll in half.

⇒ Place one half of the paper towel roll in your container and set aside. Save the other half for next time.

⇒ Mix the 2 Tablespoons of baby soap with 2 cups of water. Pour over paper towel roll.

→ You may need to adjust the amount of soap or water for the paper towels you’re using. You may find that it’s a little too soapy or the paper towels dry out too quickly. 2 Tbsp. & 2 cups is a good starting point and you can learn what adjustments you might need to make after your first go-around.

⇒ Let the paper towels soak up the soapy water for a few minutes then pull the paper towel roll out of the center of the roll and you’re ready to go!

⇒ Pull wipes up from the center as needed!


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