John 8:12

I sat down in my chair this morning, knowing that I felt no motivation to do ANYTHING today, including opening my Bible. Before I went ahead and opened up my Bible anyway, I talked to God quietly, reflecting and resting in the fact that he knows every facet of me, my story and my future….


I feel busy but unaccomplished. Exhausted, unmotivated and upset about it all.

Perfection in the Making

We need to be in close relationship with Him so we can be complete. So the Holy Spirit can do what He was made to do and fill in all of the missing parts of our person. And what a beautiful picture that is.

Sweet Spinach Muffins

These muffins are packed with fresh spinach & creamy banana, AND they are refined-sugar-free!

Shine Where You Are

Are you like me? Do you have unfulfilled dreams? Do you feel like God is distant in this?

Valentine Craft

I love to use my kids’ crafts as holiday decoration. This craft makes pretty marble-painted hearts… perfect for your toddler!

A Shattered Heart

Pain is real. And the downward spiral we can so easily fall into is real. What do we do with it all?


We don’t need to feel pressured to raise our children in the same way that our friends are raising theirs, we need to raise our kids in the appropriate way for them and for the goal in mind.

Kinder than Necessary

I don’t ever want my children to think life is all about them. It’s so easy to get lost in our land of plenty; there are so many needs all around us and, therefore, plenty of opportunities to teach our children to have an eye for those in need.

The Art in Us

Just as any piece of art reveals the artist, so does God’s art–his creation–reveal himself and his heart.

Read Again

Find out how to dive into a book that doesn’t include a dancing giraffe, a cat in socks or a hungry caterpillar!

Pearl Culture

“We are told that the oyster is wiser; that when an irritating object, like a bit of sand, gets under the ‘mantle’ of his shell, he simply covers it with the most precious part of his being and makes of it a pearl.”

Family Intros

It’s time that I officially introduce you to my little tribe!

Life-Giving Words

Telling someone who they are is an investment in their future. Your kind positivity might make all the difference.

“Bad Mom”

We need to focus less on the fact that we failed and more on what we do with the fail…