Mindset of Patience

I’ve written on patience before, but that doesn’t mean I’ve mastered it. Not by a long shot. This is one of the things that I struggle with the most!

In my women’s Bible study we’re going through the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22), and even though I can rattle off the list of the fruits to you and I’ve learned about them many times, studying them over again has been really eye-opening for me. Life is a journey for all of us and different things resonate differently with each of us through our changing stages and seasons of life.

Patience is about the last thing our culture wants to have. We live in an instantaneous world which causes our “patience muscles” to be weak. Which is precisely why we have to try that much harder to model patience for our families so they can experience it firsthand and, in turn, know exactly how to extend patience to others in their life.

A lady in my small group mentioned a way that she tried to frame her days when she had young children at home. I just loved how she put it so I’m sharing it with you. Naturally, we start out with a plan of how our day is going to go, but when that plan gets derailed we can get pretty upset and sometimes take it out on our kids. I find this happening especially on days that I TRIED SO HARD to make things go smoothly. I took a shower the night before, I got up early, I had the boys’ clothes ready to go and I greeted them with a smile when they woke up. But sometimes it just does. not. matter. how hard I try… there’s always the potential for something I wasn’t planning on. Sometimes it’s a head bump as my son was [happily] running to get his shoes. Other times it’s a meltdown/stand-off over putting jeans on. Sometimes you actually do get out the door on time but then there’s a poop explosion as soon as you buckle them in the carseat.

My friend said that it’s fine to have that Plan A, but also have a Plan B and even a Plan C for how your day will go. I’m learning that my attitude is such a choice. I can’t control my children or incidences that happen, but I can control my response to any and every situation I’m in. I can choose to be okay with my day moving to Plan B. And even, if I expect my days to operate under Plan B, how excited will I be when Plan A actually happens?!

That simple thought has been floating at the top of my head for the last week or two and it’s definitely helped me keep my cool and be more of the mom I want to be to my children. The great news about God: he will always give us another opportunity to develop our patience. When we blow it with our kids, we’ll always have another chance to get it right.

“Being patient is the behavioral way of saying I love you.


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