“Bad Mom”

We need to focus less on the fact that we failed and more on what we do with the fail…

What’s right?

I was talking to a new-mama-friend of mine the other day and she was asking for some advice. I figured if she had this concern then you might too.

What’s my Calling?

We all have the same general calling, but we are all given different assignments throughout our life.


It’s time we stop comparing everyone else’s highlight real to our “behind-the-scenes footage”— because it’s downright unfair.

Fill ‘er up!

The bottom line is that you can’t pour into your family when you yourself are empty; you will have nothing left to give.

Happy Mother’s Day

I invite you to take just a moment, take a break, to be held by our Father, just the same as you hold your children, he is holding you. You are so loved and so cherished. Happy Mother’s Day ❤

It’s Mine!

I was wishing away time with my little boy. My baby boy… I slowly relaxed the clutch I had on my time… because it’s not actually mine.