Family Intros

It still strikes me as strange sometimes— I have children! I’m a mom! It usually happens when I’m watching my boys out the kitchen window, or when I creep down the hallway to sneak a peek at all of the tickle-giggles I hear coming from a bedroom. It’s in these moments that I intentionally stop what I’m doing and just observe for a few moments, a few minutes, however long I can; because that’s the thing about humanity: no matter how many pictures or videos I take, no matter how much I want to feel the delicate weight of my snuggly 9-month-old’s head upon my chest forever— I can’t hold onto this time of life I’m in right now. I try to preserve these things in the mason jar of my heart, but while it’s a jar that is always being filled, it can’t be sealed. Breathing in the life around us in the present moment is all we can do.

I also do my best to not take motherhood for granted, to remember how incredibly blessed I am to be my family’s shepherdess. So it’s with great thanksgiving to the Father that I introduce you to the greatest blessing in my life: my family.

First is my husband, Lance. I fell head-over-heels for this handsome, 6’3″ man my senior year of high school. He’s two years older than I am and he showed his true, chivalrous qualities when he came to my senior prom with me [I asked him after I was turned down by two other guys at my school (my gain!!)]. He is intelligent, creative in so many ways and so patient with our boys.0042



DSC_8740-EditThis is Trevor. Trevor is our first born. He’s the one with whom I’m learning EVERYTHING (God bless him) about being a mom. He’s the one that showed me what it truly is for a mother to love her child. When he was born it was like a whole new chamber of my heart was unlocked. He is inquisitive, kind, relational and a little particular. His favorite food in the whole world is tomatoes— strange but true. He will choose tomatoes over desserts every. time.


DSC_8618And meet Zeke! I feel like Zeke’s name should just have an exclamation point attached to the end of it. He is a little dog who thinks he’s a big dog… always watching his big brother. Who can blame him for thinking there isn’t anything he can’t do? He is clever and so very sweet; an adventurer for sure. He is passionate about popcorn, climbing stuff and he’s my snuggle bug.

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