Chamomile Tea for Teething

This is a little natural remedy that I’ve been using with my 10 month-old to ease the pain and discomfort of teething. He’s been popping teeth out rapid fire and I needed to find SOMETHING to make it all a little less awful! Oh, how it hurts us mommas when our child is in pain and there’s nothing we can do to help. Well this really as been helping my son so I thought I’d pass it on to you to give some relief to your little one.

When Zeke starts rubbing his ears and chewing on the nearest thing to him (sometimes my shoulder— ouch!!) I go straight to the fridge and pull out this little trick. Best part is, it’s the simplest thing in the world!


  • chamomile (100% herbal) tea bags
  •  hot water


  1. Bring about 8 oz. of water to almost boiling (keeping it a small amount will help the tea be nice and concentrated). If the water does boil, it’s not a big deal, you can still use it. Pour hot water over 2 to 4 tea bags.
  2. Let the tea bags steep for 4 or 5 minutes, then discard.
  3. Cool the tea, keep in a covered container in the fridge with a clean wash cloth in it for up to a week. Let your teething babe chew and suck on the washcloth as needed.

* You can also try making chamomile popsicles— this might work especially well for teething toddlers.

The chamomile helps calm the child while the cold helps sooth the gums. Chamomile supports the nervous system and helps reduce pain in general.

It’s also nice to know that babies can often be distracted from their teething pain, so hand them their cold wash cloth and step outside with them for a few minutes or play a game they like… maybe even looking at a book with them would help take their mind off of the discomfort in their mouth. Love is such a wonderful natural remedy!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Susan says:

    Please remind me of this when Cora starts teething! Ha!


    1. sarabitt says:

      I’ll definitely do that, Susan! 🙂


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