The Boogie Story

Okay, it’s time for a little comic relief! I want to share my very own, “Boogie Story,” with you today. Let’s lay the groundwork for this with acknowledging the fact that toddlers do, indeed, speak their native language; but it’s with a dialect all their own. There is often a need for a parent or sibling to translate what a toddler is saying to a non-family member, and they have only come to understand what is being communicated by the total immersion method of language learning. 🙂

We were eating dinner one evening which included butter bread. My little guy looked down at his hand and told me that there was butter on his finger. I didn’t think twice, I said, “That’s okay, just eat it off your finger”. He told me again, “Mommy, there’s butter on my finger”. I instructed him again that it’s okay, he can just lick it off. So, trusting his mother, he started raising his hand to his mouth. In that split second it takes to raise one’s hand to their mouth, my brain started catching up to the situation… my thought process went something like this: “Why is he so concerned about butter on his finger? He’s two… two-year-olds are concerned about everything. No, wait… he didn’t say butter, he said BOOGER!!!”


My hand shot up to stop him from eating the “butter” (I did catch his hand just in time). I tried to explain my misunderstanding to him and convey that we should NOT eat boogers. Definitely. shouldn’t. eat. boogers. Oh my goodness. I mean really…

All I could do is laugh. What a ridiculous “mom fail”. That’s about the only thing we DO NOT need to teach a little boy.

… …. .. and actually, “mom fail”, gives me an idea for my next topic! Check back next Sunday for a little boost of self-love!

In the mean time, if you have a “boogie story” of your own I’d love to hear it (it doesn’t have to include boogies, of course)! Let’s laugh together! Share in the comments!


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